2022/23 GMS series — Reshaping Global Mobility part three

The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda has increased in its importance and influence in all dimensions of society, and indeed the ecological sustainability of planet Earth.

At a macro level, many organisations have invested in ESG teams, with leadership-led groups taking action across their whole portfolio. In turn, post-pandemic, board-level focus on Global Mobility (GM) is increasing. ESG is a broad subject, and in this report, we focus principally on the E—Environmental, while recognising governance forms part of consistent change. We explore key learnings and insights from different sector organisations on their evolving journey towards a sustainable mobility programme.

The report highlights that for many organisations who participated in the research, it remains a ‘work in progress’. The research delivers detailed responses about respondents’ organisations’ progress towards sustainability and provides a series of 8 key takeaways for GM and human resource teams to reflect upon, for their own sustainable mobility journey over the course of the next 2-3 years.


The report is based on research between February and March 2023, with GM, senior ESG and procurement leaders sharing their insights on their progress and the alignment of their organisation’s ESG strategy with their GM programme. In parallel, we conducted an open online survey to add further dimension and quantitative data—to assess progress with policy and other ESG supply chain interventions.

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