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Skilled jobs that provide the best overseas working opportunities for Americans

Even though there are a number of high paying jobs available for Americans living abroad, narrowing it down according to skills, experience and ambition can be difficult. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at some of the highest paying jobs for Americans living abroad from a truck driver to a government official.

Oil & mineral extraction

With demand for oil and mineral extraction set to climb, with the International Energy Agency predicting a growth estimate of 1.84 mb/d in 2019, this is a promising industry for many Americans to venture into all over the world. With an average salary of just under $100,000 a year, careers in oil and mineral extraction offer extensive benefits, including profit sharing and numerous types of insurance, and other fringe benefits, as well as provision of facilities and ample resting time. However, due to a large majority of oil rigs being located offshore, shift patterns can often mean long periods of time away from home, with shifts typically ranging between 14/14, 21/14 or 28/28 patterns.

Truck drivers

As a result of a shortage in truck drivers around the world, benefits including salary have dramatically improved over the years. Typically, truck driver employment plans will include various dental, vision and a retirement plan amongst a series of other insurance options for the employee to opt-in for as part of their employment. Further to this, salaries can see truck drivers earning more than $70,000 per year, and while the job requires a lot of responsibility and time away from home, the benefits are more than worthwhile.

Government official

Becoming a government official is a tedious process, with three quarters of individuals who take the Foreign Service exam failing. Once this exam has been passed, an oral exam will then be required and then the job posting must be applied for, making the process long-winded. Nevertheless, once the career opens up, government officials are able to earn upwards of $80,000. While some positions will require a set permanent residency period in order to apply for some positions in government, there will be a number of diplomatic missions, consular posts and representative offices which will require the experience of an American employee.


Americans living abroad looking for a high-paying job and the opportunity to travel will find the role of a consultant highly rewarding. Major firms will often send an employee to multiple locations in a single year, offering excellent opportunities for global travel as well as the ability to earn more than $98,000 per year. While the time away from home can be particularly difficult for consultants with families, the benefits of the role are an extremely attractive option for American expatriates looking to travel the world.

For Americans living abroad, finding the highest paying job can be difficult. Even though a number of these jobs require some form of travel, in order to get a higher paying job, individuals must be willing to move from location to location.

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