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How to survive a change in your international life and work abroad

When it comes to moving employees overseas, there are a few aspects of living abroad the individual should be aware of prior to making the life changing move, such as the support available to them overseas. While no business is able to determine how their employee(s) will react to international life and work abroad, helping your employee understand how to eliminate expatriate guilt and the language can help them settle into their new home. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at what businesses can do to help their employees survive change in their international life and work abroad.

Maintain communication

Even though moving overseas can be incredibly rewarding, in order for employees to survive change in international life and work abroad, it is important to maintain a good level of communication throughout the duration of the assignment, including when it is coming to an end. This can help the employee feel connected to their network at home, which will improve productivity and enhance performance. A form of formal contact at the end of each assignment to find out how the employee is progressing will allow them to raise any issues which can then be resolved as efficiently as possible.

Cross-cultural training

Even though a move from Spain to the UK, for example, may be a relatively simple transition for many, it is important to consider relocation to countries that may require greater adjustment. There are a number of benefits of cross-cultural training including that it can promote better communications and relationships. In addition, providing employees with cross-cultural training can help motivate the individual. With a better understanding of their role within the work place and enhanced skills and knowledge, the employee is likely to perform at a higher standard compared to not undertaking any form of training.

Set expectations

An overseas placement can be a big step for both the business and individual involved, which is why it is importance that businesses set clear expectation before the chosen employee heads abroad. It is also important for the business to explain the salary package, duration of the assignment and the moving process from the start to the end of the assignment to ensure that the employee is aware of the challenges that they may face when moving abroad. In addition, this will help ensure that the employee is comfortable with the opportunity ahead of them, allowing them to discuss any concerns that may be on their mind.

Provide support

While it is important to maintain communication, it is just as important that business provide the relevant support to each employee. While the type of support required will differ between individuals, it is important that the business has the necessary resources on hand in order to ensure that the employee has a smooth transition, whether it is providing accommodation or general advice. If the employee if moving overseas with their partner, offering “trailing spouse” assistance is an excellent way to put the individuals mind at ease, enabling them to focus on the reasons behind the relocation.

Surviving change international life and work abroad can be challenging, but business that provide their employees with the relevant support and advice can reduce the number of failed assignments. If you are considering moving abroad and would like to receive advice throughout the relocation process, get in touch with a member of our team on 020 8963 2513, today.

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