Shanghai authorities have started to accept PU letter applications for family members from this month, after full suspension on applications came into effect end of 2020.

It is understood that a similar policy will be executed in other cities in the coming weeks.

Who will be affected?

Travelers who enter China from overseas with family members.


Due to the suspension on issuance of PU letter to family members by Chinese authorities in the past few months, it has been very challenging to secure an entry visa for China for expat family members, which has resulted in either delays in their relocation or the separation of the family between working spouse in China and family members not being able to join.

According to Shanghai authorities, prior consideration will be given to the new application for the expatriate only or expatriate with family members, while the application for family members alone will be evaluated and processed at a later date. The estimated processing time for the PU letter application for an expatriate or expatriate with family may take up to 1-2 months and around 3 months for the application for family members alone.

Additionally, as all the adult applicants are required to be fully vaccinated with the vaccines on the Emergency Use List approved by the WHO, for those who haven’t inoculated with Covid-19 vaccines, relevant arrangements should now be on the schedule.

The detailed application requirements and procedures may vary among different districts, please check with your point of contact of the officer in the street office of where your company is located.

Santa Fe Analysis

Whilst there are still locally transmitted Covid-19 cases in different cities within the country, China’s measures to contain COVID-19’s spread has become more advanced and effective. Meanwhile, with the Covid-19 vaccination programme progressing steadily (as of September 2021, over 2.18 billion doses have been administered), Chinese authorities are ready to ease the restrictions on foreigners entering the country.

We will monitor the situation closely and provide updated information once available.

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