Issuance of ICT Visas is suspended

In order to limit as much as possible the volume of travellers entering France, French authorities have now ordered their consulates to suspend issuance of ICT visas to foreigners.

ICT visas are designed to allow companies to second foreigners to France, as intra-company transferees with home work contract. This type of visa was suspended in Spring 2020 during Covid-19 first wave, but was later available again for issuance.

Currently, France is requiring evidence of “imperious motives” to enter France and the ICT visa suspension pursues the same goal: limiting the volume of entries into France whilst trying to protect the economy of the adverse effects of blind border closures.

Currently, Passeport Talent visas are still being issued, but shall demonstrate an “imperious motive” to enter France.

We will continue to keep you updated on further developments and assist you as soon as possible to get the requested authorizations for future and current assignees to enter and circulate.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact:

Alexandra Demeure
Immigration Manager
Western Europe cluster

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