The COVID-19 Task Force of Indonesia, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights have issued a circular letter regarding Visa issuance, entry requirements and stay permit.

Who will be affected?
– All international travellers into Indonesia
– Foreigners travelling domestically in Indonesia

On 5 July 2021, the Indonesian COVID Task Force issued an updated circular letter on International travel requirements that covers length of quarantine and vaccination requirements. These updated requirements are effective from 6 July 2021 until further notice.

Requirements upon arrival
– International travellers are required to undergo 8-day quarantine at a government-approved quarantine facility.
– Quarantine facility for Indonesian Citizens with the following criteria are at the expense of the Indonesian Government:
– Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI),
– Indonesian students
– Government Officials returning from an official trip.
– Quarantine facilities for Indonesian Citizens outside the above criteria and foreigners including foreign diplomats, outside the head of the foreign representative and the family of the head of the foreign representative, are at their own expense.
– RT-PCR test will be conducted upon arrival in Indonesia.
– On the 7th day of quarantine, travellers will undergo a second RT-PCR test. Travellers will be released upon receiving a negative RT-PCR test result on the 8th day of quarantine.
– Upon release from the quarantine facility, travellers are advised to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine.
– If RT-PCR test shows a positive result, travellers will be taken to hospital (Indonesian citizens at the Indonesian government expense and foreigner at their own expense).

Vaccination requirements
– Indonesian citizens returning to Indonesia are required to show COVID-19 vaccine certification. If the traveller is yet to be vaccinated, they will receive vaccination at the quarantine facility.
– Non-Indonesian citizens entering Indonesia must provide a COVID-19 full dose vaccine certificate.
– Foreigners in Indonesia who will be travelling domestically or internationally are required to receive COVID-19 vaccination through government vaccination program or the gotong royong vaccination program.
– Requirements to provide vaccination certificate is exempted for diplomatic visa or service visa who are in Indonesia for official government visit and for those entering Indonesia on the Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme.

The above protocols are to be undertaken along with the previous regulation as below:
– RT PCT test 72 hours prior departure from origin country.
– Completed e-Hac form prior to crossing Indonesian border.

Visit Visa & Limited Stay Visa Application Additional Requirements
1. Negative result of RT-PCR test result.
2. Proof of full dose COVID-19 vaccination.
3. Signed statement letter by the traveller agreeing to undergo an 8-day quarantine at a government-approved facility and following health protocol.
4. For humanitarian or medical reasons, travellers are required to provide proof of reason for visa application.
5. Sponsor of Visit Visa applicants are required to provide a bank statement showing a minimum of USD 10,000, exempted for relief aid travellers, humanitarian personnel and transportation crews.
Point 1 – 4 above are exempted for foreigners who are currently staying in Indonesia who wish to apply for a Visit Visa or Limited Stay Visa onshore.
Current e-Visas that have been issued and end with ‘DN’ code can currently not be used to enter Indonesia.

Santa Fe Recommendation
We urge travellers to keep travel dates flexible and ensure that they have received full COVID-19 vaccination prior to traveling to Indonesia. We also urge employers to keep assignment start date flexible due to the rapid changes of regulation regarding the Indonesian border restrictions.
Santa Fe is closely monitoring the development of COVID-19 situation and government’s preventive measures and will issue further updates once received.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Natasja Batubara
Corporate Services Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
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Robert Day
Group Head of Immigration Operations
Santa Fe Relocation
London, UK
M:+44 7990 021125


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