Immigration update: Italy | COVID-19: Regularisation of undocumented migrant workers

The Italian Government has issued a special decree to regularise undocumented migrant workers present on Italian soil

Who will be affected?
Non EU citizens belonging to some categories

Due to the large outbreak of COVID-19 in Italy, new extraordinary laws were implemented and new restrictions/measures put in charge.

Workers belonging to some categories may have advantage from this decree

Law 34 (relaunch decree) issued on 19 May 2020 with article 103 states that Italian or EU citizens employing foreign workers with stay permit accordingly to art 9 of the decree 286 issued on 25 July 1998 can sign a subordinate work contract with foreign citizens in Italy, to declare the existence of an irregular working collaboration with Italian or foreign citizens.

Foreign citizens must have been present in Italy before 8 March 2020 and fingerprinted prior this date without having left Italy after this date.

For the same reasons, foreigners with stay permit expired starting from 31 October 2019, not renewed nor converted can ask for a 6 months temporary stay permit valid from the application date, and only in Italy. The foreigner must be present in Italy continuously since 8 March 2020 and have worked (with proof of work) for one some specific sector (agricultural, fishing, assistance to a person, domestic work), before 31 October 2019. If during the validity of the temporary permit, the worker is able to show a subordinate job contract , together with payslips and social security contributions, the stay permit is converted into a work stay permit.

The request must be done from 1 June 2020 to 15 July 2020 and subject to a payment of 500 euros for each worker (for some cases reduced to 130 euros) + an amount for the sums due to the employee for salary and social security

Next Steps (or) Actions Required
Undocumented migrant workers present on the Italian soil and belonging to these categories may consider the terms to apply.

Santa Fe Analysis
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