Bureau of Immigration Advisory on Temporary Visitor’s or 9a Visa Extension Sticker

The Bureau of Immigration (“BI”) has issued a BI Advisory on 01 October 2019 regarding the validity of the 9a visa extension stamp.

Who will be affected

  • Foreign nationals who will extend their Temporary Visitor’s or 9a visa with the Bureau of Immigration


The BI authorities have noticed that there has been insufficient supply of visa sticker labels in 2019.  Hence, the Immigration Regulation Division (IRD) recommended to Commissioner Jaime H. Morente for the implementation of a label free visa extension.


The validity of the extended 9a visa will no longer be stamped on the foreign national’s passport.  It will be reflected in the BI official receipt for 9a visa extension.


01 October 2019

Santa Fe Analysis:

Foreign nationals must always keep the original copy of the BI official receipt with the 9a visa validity.

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