Entry restrictions under COVID-19

Thailand declared a state of emergency on 25th March 2020. Under the state of emergency, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has issued a new travel advisory to all passengers planning to enter Thailand, effective 26th March 2020.

Who will be affected?

All travelers entering Thailand


As COVID-19 continues to spread in Thailand and more infection cases have been diagnosed, the Thai government had declared a state of emergency on 25th March 2020. Following the state of emergency declaration, the CAAT has issued a new travel advisory to all travelers planning to enter Thailand. This new travel advisory will supersede all previous announcements made by the CAAT.

The new travel advisory mandates that travelers shall be permitted to enter Thailand through international airports only, if they fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Being in the situation or a person exempted by the Prime Minister or Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under certain conditions and prescribed time period;
  2. Carriers of necessary cargoes, but required prompt exit after the mission is completed;
  3. Pilot-in-command and crew members of the flight entering Thailand with clear schedule to depart;
  4. Persons on diplomatic or consular mission, or under International Organizations, representatives of the government performing their duties in Thailand or other persons or international agencies that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives permission, and their families. In this case, certificate of entry to the Kingdom issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required;
  5. Non-Thai nationals with work permit or who have been granted permission from Thai government agencies to work in Thailand;
  6. Thai nationals with certificate of entry to the Kingdom issued by Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate in their country of residence certifying that they are Thais returning to Thailand, and a Fit to Fly Certificate.


Travelers under 4 and 5 categories must have a Fit to Fly Certificate issued no more than 72 hours before traveling and abide by the disease prevention measures imposed by the government.

An exemption is given from 27th March until 31st March 2020 to non-Thai passengers transiting through Thailand to a 3rd country with the transit time of no more than 24 hours. Such transit passengers are required to present a Fit to Fly Certificate upon check in at the airport of departure to Thailand and during transit formalities in Thailand.


Thailand is now closing its borders on tourists and short-term non-Immigration visa holders (e.g. business visa, education visa, dependent visa etc.)

We expect to see entry denials in the coming days.

Santa Fe Analysis

As COVID-19 situation continues to escalate, we recommend all travelers to practice hygiene and safety measures and avoid non-essential travels in this special time. Please observe the latest travel advisory from the CAAT to avoid entry denial at the airport. For further inquiry, please contact your local Santa Fe Consultant.

For more information or assistance, please contact the following :

Ada Zhou
Immigration Manager – Thailand
​Santa Fe Relocation
D: +66 2742 9890 ext.146
M: +66 98 267 6975
​E: Ada.Zhou@santaferelo.com

Robert Day
Group Head of Immigration Operations
Santa Fe Relocation
London, UK
D: +44 7990 021125
E: Robert.Day@santaferelo.com


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