Webinar video | 2018 Global Mobility trends in the financial services sector

What the webinar video covers:

Watch the on-demand video of our webinar ‘2018 Global Mobility trends in the financial services sector’ from our Global Mobility series, which was originally broadcast live from London on 21 June 2018.

In this webinar we explore the key question: ‘What does the future hold for HR and Global Mobility teams in the Financial sector?’

We draw from the research findings of Santa Fe Relocation’s 2018 Global Mobility Survey entitled ‘React: Transformation in the Age of Uncertainty’ — with a spotlight focus on the financial services industry.

Financial services companies represent the largest percentage of respondents (9%) to Santa Fe’s 2018 Global Mobility Survey and those responding companies average just under 759,000 employees worldwide.

Watch to hear our subject matter experts share their critical analysis and compelling insights on these research findings. A particular focus is given to a deep dive into the challenges and issues specific to the Financial sector.

This webinar is part of Santa Fe’s ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series.