What the webinar covers

Watch the webinar ‘Managing Risk and Staying Compliant’ from our ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series originally broadcast live on 7 December 2017 at 3:30pm (GMT). 

The webinar discussions draw from the research findings in the ‘Managing risk and staying compliant’ section of the award-winning 2017 Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey Report “Embedding Business Strategy in Global Mobility.

Increasingly, governments are shifting the onus to multinational corporations to self-regulate compliance or risk being penalised for non-compliance with cross-border regulations for the movement of internationally mobile employees. In parallel, global organisations rely on huge volumes of professionals and technical workers to undertake international business travel and other forms of fluid work patterns.

There appears to be a potential tension between those who are held responsible for managing the compliance risks ( HR and Global Mobility) and Executive leadership who should be accountable and fully informed on the potential minefield of compliance risks but are often more focused on executing their business agenda than fully complying with compliance obligations.

The panel explore from a corporate and professional services perspective, the significant risks and challenges attached to short-term international business travellers and emerging mobility policy types.

  • Overview of assignment trends impacting compliance and risk using the research findings from the award-winning 2017 Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey Report
  • Corporate perspective of managing risk and compliance associated with international Short Term Business Visitors and the trend for virtual and new forms of international working.
  • Professional Services perspective: case studies highlighting the risks, challenges and implications which Peter and Alexandra will explore with our corporate panelists.
  • Managing risk and compliance associated with international business travellers
  • Pro-active planning- key actions to mitigate your risk
  • Question and Answer – Ask the panel

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