Watch the video recording from our live webinar ‘Repurpose: A focus on the technology sector from the Global Mobility survey 2020/21’ – Broadcast on Thursday 14/01.

Hosted by John Rason (Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation). Joined by Michael Burnett (Group Director of Relocation, Assignment Management, Santa Fe Relocation), Ruth Carling (Global Mobility Manager at Travelport) and David Carmichael (Director Global Mobility at COE CGI). 

+ Are the technology sector ahead of the curve in transforming their Global mobility teams’ purpose, roles and operating structure?
+ What are the key transformation opportunities in 2021 and beyond?
+ Is there a tension between the pressure to be engaged in more strategic planning and the realities of day-to-day operations?
+ How digitised and ‘self-serviced’ are the practical methods of mobilising talent within the sector?
+ Analytics – financial, talent, performance, risk – what do business leaders really ask for and how do they use it?

+ How can organisations retain their talent in a sector with highly skilled and in demand competencies?
+ How do you forecast mobility types changing over the next two years?
+ How can global mobility encourage and enable greater diversity and inclusion? For example, more flexible mobility policies?
+ Virtual cross border working and assignments – is this a ‘sweet spot’ for the sector or perception more than reality?

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