Watch the webinar recording of “Retaining foreign talents in China – through immigration” – broadcasted on 27 January 2021.

Hosted by Mark Chong, Regional Commercial Leader, Immigration Asia and Maggie Hu, Immigration Manager, China, this webinar shared about the transfer of employment within China in a compliant way and how to prolong foreign talents residence through permanent residency.

As the world’s economy starts to pick up its pieces from the wreckage of a pandemic and many having lost their jobs and forced to repatriate, foreigners are looking to alternative solutions to remain on foreign land.

China nevertheless is set in a stage of progressing its economy and has in recent years understood the importance of retaining highly talented individuals thus the creation of residence permits to enable this group to stay and place roots for a longer term.

The webinar had covered:

Options available to prolong your residence in China through Permanent Residency
Transfer of employment within China – the compliant way
+ Future of travels – a lot more to prepare
Case studies and solutions

This webinar is part of our ‘Learn with Santa Fe Relocation | APAC immigration webinar mini series’ which aims to explore and navigate some of the critical immigration challenges organisations are facing today.

For more information, please feel free to contact Maggie Hu or Mark Chong.