Webinar recording : Singapore Immigration Landscape | Aligning with Changes

Watch the video recording of our webinar which was originally broadcasted on 3 November 2020.

Our subject matter experts shared: 

  • Recent Singapore immigration changes
  • How to mitigate immigration changes that impact business
  • Risk of remote working due to travel restrictions
  • Good practices – avoiding unnecessary queries back from authorities

Our speakers :

  • Aileng Chew, Immigration Manager, Singapore
  • Mark Chong, Regional Commercial Leader, Immigration Asia
  • Peter Graham, Group Director  of Visa & Immigration Services
  • John Rason, Group Head of Consulting

This webinar is part of our ‘Learn with Santa Fe Relocation | APAC immigration webinar mini series’ which aims to explore and navigate some of the critical immigration challenges organisations are facing today.

For more information, please feel free to contact or Mark Chong or Aileng Chew