Julia Palmer

Chief Operating Officer of Relo and Chief Human Resources Officer

Julia is Chief Operating Officer of Relo at Santa Fe Relocation. Relo includes Immigration services, Destination Services and Relocation and Assignment Management Services. In addition, Julia was appointed Chief Human Resources Officer in January 2023.

She joined Santa Fe Relocation in February 2019 to apply her passion for helping organisations achieve effective Global Mobility programmes. She enjoys working with a diverse range of clients, from organisations with large global programmes to those starting with only a handful of assignees, where she advises on creating and implementing a suitable mobility framework.

Julia has over 25 years of expertise in the profession. She started out working for a leading DSP company in Sydney, and for the past 20 years, she worked at EY, leading the Assignment Management and Mobility Performance Improvement practices in Sydney and more recently in London.

Biggest professional achievement

Developing strong teams who are motivated to do their best every day, such that we never lost a client to a competitor.

Best piece of leadership advice you ever received

There are two that have stuck with me. Firstly, never face a challenging situation alone. If you have made a decision in good faith you will always have support. And secondly, block your calendar for all important school events for your children. There are almost no client situations that are more important than being present for your children.

Something unusual about yourself that most people at work don’t know

Due to being an expat teenager, I went to five different secondary schools, in UK, US, Thailand, UK again, and Australia.

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