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Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of Korea

Capital City: Seoul

Official Languages: Korean

Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism

Currency: Won (W)

Time Zone: GMT + 9 hours

Country Domain: .kr

Country Tel Code: 82

Moving to South Korea

South Korea occupies the lower half of the Korean peninsula in eastern Asia. Separated from North Korea at the 38th parallel, South Korea it has become a world economic power based on a solid democratic structure. The government is determined to make the reforms needed to strengthen the economy.

Personal success is valued and admired in South Korea, but a measured, careful and respectful means to that end are equally revered. Koreans are always courteous and work hard to achieve their goals. Among the most well educated people in the world, they have developed a highly efficient and profitable business structure. A large expatriate population also expresses enthusiasm for Korean life.


Today South Korea is a parliamentary democracy. Under the constitution of 1988, there is an elected president who can only serve one five-year term. The President selects a Prime Minister, and the 299-member unicameral legislature, the National Assembly, approves his choice. The president's cabinet, the Council of State, is named by the president on recommendation of the Prime Minister. There are four major political parties and several minor parties. Party allegiances shift rapidly in South Korea.


South Korea has become a world economic power based on a solid democratic structure. The government is determined to make the necessary - and painful - reforms needed to strengthen the South Korean economy. These measures have not always been popular with workers who fear that reforms, privatizing, and downsizing will threaten their jobs. Violent street marches occasionally interrupt daily life as students and workers exercise their right to strike.


Housing is plentiful in Seoul and most available residences are of Western style.

Houses are large by international standards and have different floor plans. Most have large entry halls and family rooms located where Westerners might expect bedrooms. Bedrooms often lead off of the living area.

When Seoul real estate people talk about the size of apartments and houses, they use the term "Pyung/py." One Pyung equals 3.3 square meters. Apartment or house size, however, includes all common areas, basements and terraces, which is referred to as gross size.


There are several international schools in the Seoul area. Most require students to hold foreign passports, and some require entrance examinations.

It is advisable to enroll your child as early as possible; class sizes are fixed, and the school of your choice may not be able to accommodate your child. Few schools have programs for children with special needs.

The language of instruction for most international schools is English. Instruction in local schools is in Korean, although some offer additional language courses.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for South Korea and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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