End-to-end personalised assignment management support for HR and relocating employees

Santa Fe assignment management services will help you design and deliver your mobility programme. We understand Global Mobility and its challenges and provide the right support for both HR and assignees.

Duty of care has never been more critical for employers and it is essential that they look after their internationally mobile employees diligently. The process begins with understanding where your employees are and how local circumstances are impacting them. Santa Fe Assignment Management services give you full visibility of your assignee population and allow you to adapt to the immediate, changing needs of assignees and their family.

Outsourced Global Mobility support

Our experienced team works as an extension of your own team to deliver the strategic HR support you need. We offer a single point of coordination experience that critically minimises the contact points your assignees need to work with for each element of their relocation and ongoing assignment. Making life easy for them is a key part of making their international assignment a success.

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Compensation and expense management

Cost control is a critical piece of any assignment programme. At Santa Fe we believe this begins with us giving you reliable cost estimates, so you have transparency over the likely costs of an assignment and a baseline from which to measure actual costs over the assignment lifecycle. We provide ongoing reporting on assignee expenses and can support your organisation with payroll reporting with 100% accuracy.

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Global vendor and move management

We are in a unique position to provide you with the best combination of local and global relocation expertise. Thanks to our network of local offices and established global partners and specialist providers in moving, immigration, destination services, tax, and other assignment related activities. Our model goes even further with the flexibility to onboard your preferred providers into our network, ensuring continuity of relationships you already value.

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Policy and programme implementation

Santa Fe works in partnership with you through the implementation process. The team uses project management tools to progress through the various phases required to capture not only the policies and benefits within your programme, but also immerse in your company culture. This approach ensures our standard processes flex to your priorities and deliver the right balance between structured process and personalised interactions with your employees.

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Policy optimisation through data analytics

Assignment data is the ultimate source of measuring the success of your programme and our partnership. Our systems and data integrity give you secure access and full control of your assignment programme. It includes essential KPIs, gives you a transparent assignment oversight and allows tracking. Secure timely renewals and identify cost saving opportunities.

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Consulting services

Our in-house consulting team provides support and expertise to help you address your Global Mobility programme's strategic aspects whilst enabling you to focus on day-to-day operations. Whatever your requirements, we'll help to review, advise and implement transformation. We'll ensure you're aligned with organisational practices and the evolving talent landscape.

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Policy briefings

The first question for any assignment planning should be: ‘where do I start?’. The answer is the assignment policy, and our Global Mobility consultants are the guardians of your policy provisions. They advise the assignee and handle exception requests following the agreed protocol during implementation.

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Assignment letters (contracts)

Once the assignment is understood and agreed by all stakeholders, the assignee needs their contract confirming their employment terms. The assignment letter provides this contract and confirms the tax arrangements, compensation, the home and host entities and other critical information including assignment benefits, for the assignee’s final acceptance and signature.

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Tax briefings coordination

Assignee tax briefings are typically arranged once the assignment letter is signed. Guidance is provided to include expert tax advice based on company policy, on both home and host status and requirements. It gives the assignees confidence in how to manage their tax compliance obligations and what to expect in both their home and host countries.

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Move coordination

From arranging virtual surveys, agreeing on quotes and shipment protection to packing and delivery, the coordination of the removal activities involves many actors. Our Global Mobility consultants coordinate all elements of the move and manage the required partners to ensure a seamless experience.

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Immigration services coordination

Prior to the assignment letter being signed, we begin the coordination of the immigration services and perform an assessment of the immigration timeline for the assignees and their families. This ensures realistic expectations are set and gives clarity on expected assignment start dates.

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Destination services coordination

When the assignment is confirmed, we start coordinating the destination services and work closely with our local offices, our global network of providers or, your preferred providers in specific locations. We monitor each element of the relocation to bring everything together at the right time for the assignees and their families.

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End-to-end assignee support

Our support does not stop when the assignee lands in their new country. Ongoing assignment support extends your duty of care and provides the assignee with a trusted, central contact for assignment related tasks such as tenancy management or ongoing expense claims.

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Repatriation coordination

At the end of the assignment, we are here to coordinate the safe return of the assignee to their home country. Or, if they are ready for a consecutive assignment, we’ll support them on their new journey.

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Assignment management technology

We invest in our technology infrastructure. Santa Fe is continually developing and optimising its technology solution with enhanced automation and user-friendly interfaces so HR can efficiently manage their mobility programme.

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