Concierge services—Ensure a safe and secure landing in the new location

Our team of concierge specialists will help your employees navigate the departure process to ensure a smooth start to their relocation journey. Santa Fe will coordinate all logistics, our relocation concierges can handle all things big or small and deliver a stress-free experience for your assignees. 

Our core travel arrangement services include flight bookings and airport transfers.

  • Flight booking.
    • Screening of available / active flights
    • Flight booking – through Travel Agencies
    • Coordination of payments
  • Airport transfer: arrangement of transfer for the relocating employee (and family if applicable) from the airport to their final destination.

You can customise these services further 

  • Assistance with car rentals.
  • The service includes:
    • Needs assessment
    • Rental Car booking – through Agencies
    • Coordination of payments

    Santa Fe also offers a whole range of departure services ensuring a successful shutdown of existing services and taking care of all the practicalities in a move abroad.


    family holiday sightseeing

    Destination services tailored to your needs

    Our award-winning services are tailored to you and your employees’ needs. From departure services to home finding, school search, language and cultural trainings and more. Santa Fe Destination Services include a specific set of local support solutions. These are designed to provide the most effective path to a smooth arrival in the new country.

    Discover our full range of destination services

    Keep informed

    Visit our location guides section to access helpful information on your chosen destinations.

    Location Reports

    New Service: Market Analysis

    Santa Fe Group engages in ongoing research in multiple locations, with the ability to expand our efforts to any location in response to demand. We provide comprehensive location reports that offer detailed analysis of each area's shortterm accommodation market, long-term rental market, and information on the local education landscape. These reports are regularly reviewed and updated by Santa Fe Group to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information is available.


    This information can help clients make informed decisions about their relocation plans, such as:

    • Being proactive and anticipating changes before they happen
    • Position themselves to capitalize on emerging opportunities and avoid potential risks
    • Selecting the best location to meet their specific needs and budget

    Comprehensive Market Analysis

    Details: comprehensive and data-driven examination of the Education Market Temporary Housing-/and Long Term Rental Accommodation Market. It provides in-depth insights on market trends, drivers, challenges and opportunities, along with analysis of customer preferences.

    Format: Our report can be delivered in our standard format or tailored to the customer's preferred format and / or pre-set topics, ensuring flexibility to meet their specific needs.

    Segmented Market Analysis

    Details: With this service, customers can choose one of three options per report: Education Market OR Long-Term Rental Accommodation Market OR Temporary Accommodation Market.

    Format:Our expert team conducts comprehensive research and analysis, utilizing Santa Fe's own proprietary format to deliver a report that provides in-depth information on the selected market segment See the above comment

    Basic Market Analysis

    Details: Providing essential information and curated data on market trends, demand and supply dynamics, pricing, and competition. The customer can select any topic within the Education Market, Long-Term Rental Accommodation Market, or Temporary Accommodation Market . With our expert research and analysis, the client can gain valuable information on one aspect of their choice per service.

    Format:via email, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word document changed the terminology here to match above

    Integrated Relocation

    Santa Fe Destination Services integrate seamlessly with Santa Fe’s other service lines ensuring clients receive a fully integrated relocation experience.

    Assignment Management

    We build a scalable outsourcing partnership for your organisation’s assignment management operations. Our integrated model manages the day-to-day tasks while you and your team focus on the strategy.

    Compensation & Expenses

    We provide a comprehensive compensation, cost and expense management programme. Our services include payroll delivery, programme arrangements, cost projections and global expense management solutions.

    Corporate Immigration

    We deliver the best in immigration solutions, covering all your needs. From visas, residence and work permit applications worldwide to immigration consulting and business travel management solutions.


    We offer professional and personalised local and international moving services of unrivalled quality, expertly designed and managed to ensure a seamless experience—home moves and business relocation.

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