Home Search—Finding the right home is key to a successful relocation 

Industry research shows that where you live can directly lead to relocation success or failure. We understand how crucial it is for your assignees to find the right home in a timely manner. You can leverage our local expertise and global network for your assignees. We help them quickly find suitable homes within budget. This is why clients trust Santa Fe’s Home Finding service. We help you succeed by uncovering the personal needs and business requirements of your assignee and their family.

Our Home Search service is always delivered by home search professionals with expert local market knowledge and experience. 

What’s included  

  • Needs Assessment – with focus on the housing allowance / budget, lifestyle, property preferences, office commute, location of schooling, local transportation, airports where appropriate, leisure requirements, security, provision for pets if applicable, etc.
  • home search consultants, with local expertise 
  • Shortlist of policy-compliant properties  
  • Explanation of real estate process (lease, deposit, check-in/out, etc.) 
  • Accompanied or virtual viewings
  • Lease negotiation and review 
  • Destination / Location briefing with housing market overview
  • Property market screening in the selected area(s) based on the requirements
  • Accompanied Home Search Tour – up to 6-8 property viewings per program day – depending on the location
  • Lease signing & assistance with the initial payments
  • Basic utilities
  • Clerk fee re-charged at cost where applicable


  • Helps your assignee choose the right home, in the right area, at the right price 
  • Assignees feel the benefits of the personal touch of our home search professionals with expert local market knowledge 
  • Professional inventory clerks (where applicable)
  • Local intelligence and ongoing consultation to benefit your policy 
  • Independent market advice on local systems 
  • Ensures lease terms are negotiated with the assignee’s needs 

Home Finding Implementation 

We understand your unique policies and customise our own processes accordingly. Santa Fe acts as an extension of your global mobility team. There will be no surprises for assignees during their programme. We make sure your assignees receive sufficient information and personal support. We provide one key point of coordination and relevant local context to help them find a home. We begin supporting assignees well before they arrive in the host location so their expectations are correctly set. 

 We agree on a property brief with the assignee, taking into consideration: 

  • Housing allowance/budget 
  • Lifestyle and property preferences 
  • Location of schooling (in conjunction with education specialists where appropriate)  
  • Office commute  
  • Location of local transportation, plus airports where appropriate 
  • Leisure requirements  
  • Personal needs e.g. relating to medical conditions, allergies etc.  
  • Security, Health and Safety 
  • Any additional policy requirements – e.g. provision for pets  

To help you choose, a Santa Fe specialist will accompany you on a tour of your chosen properties. We will secure the selected property and negotiate suitable terms. You get the right balance of security and flexibility for you and your relocating employee. We conduct thorough background checks and record the condition of the property prior to the tenancy.
Many people add services to our home search service. These additional services include things like helping assignees get utilities set up. Also, we explain the obligations that assignees have during their stay in the property. We can help assignees find out about the local facilities that are available to them. 


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We offer professional and personalised local and international moving services of unrivalled quality, expertly designed and managed to ensure a seamless experience—home moves and business relocation.

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