Settling in—Supporting your international employee transition in a new location

Moving into a new home is always daunting. There is a huge number of tasks and chores to do before you begin settling in. When your employees are relocating, you can engage Santa Fe’s team to help them. We provide timely and efficient assistance with practical matters, which means so much when people adjust to a new environment.
A relocating employee has to be compliant with the immigration requirements and all local regulations of the destination location. You can configure our comprehensive menu of Settling in services to meet your policy requirements, location-specific requirements and your assignees’ needs. The programme is typically delivered as a 1- or 2-days programme and may include some or all of the following:

Pick from the following Settling in options 

  • Comprehensive and interactive online session with a destination consultant
  • General location briefing
  • Information on local registration requirements and accompanied or unaccompanied support
  • Transport information, driving license exchange requirements, car registration requirements, parking permits, etc.
  • Information and best practice on setting up your utility bills, TV & Internet, mobile phone setup, and broadcast taxes, postal services and mailbox registration
  • Health care briefing and information on medical facilities, registration with doctors
  • Insurance briefing, car and property insurances
  • Information on transport, shopping, restaurants, leisure activities, cultural life, traditions, holidays
  • Bank account opening, accompanied or unaccompanied, depending on the location
  • Basic local registration (do not include immigration compliance)
  • Customised e-welcome pack


  • Supports the family, so that the assignee can focus on their new role 
  • Flexible and built around your assignee’s needs 
  • Reduces anxiety and the time it takes to settle in 
  • Integrates with the home search service 
  • Reduces costs through consulting 
  • Reduces administration for the assignee 

Our support continues beyond the settling-in period. Santa Fe offers your employees support and information whenever needed for the duration of their assignment.


Local registrations

Some countries require foreign nationals to register and/or report to a local government office on arrival and at frequent intervals during their residence. Our team provide advice and full support with these local registration procedures where requested so your relocating employee remains compliant with all local regulations. We offer help with registering a residential address, obtaining a national tax or fiscal ID, registering with the public health care system, registering a car and more.

Contact us to learn more about local registrations
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Destination services tailored to your needs

Our award-winning services are tailored to you and your employees’ needs. From departure services to home finding, school search, language and cultural trainings and more. Santa Fe Destination Services include a specific set of local support solutions. These are designed to provide the most effective path to a smooth arrival in the new country.

Discover our full range of destination services

Keep informed

Visit our location guides section to access helpful information on your chosen destinations.


Integrated Relocation

Santa Fe Destination Services integrate seamlessly with Santa Fe’s other service lines ensuring clients receive a fully integrated relocation experience.

Assignment Management

We build a scalable outsourcing partnership for your organisation’s assignment management operations. Our integrated model manages the day-to-day tasks while you and your team focus on the strategy.

Compensation & Expenses

We provide a comprehensive compensation, cost and expense management programme. Our services include payroll delivery, programme arrangements, cost projections and global expense management solutions.

Corporate Immigration

We deliver the best in immigration solutions, covering all your needs. From visas, residence and work permit applications worldwide to immigration consulting and business travel management solutions.


We offer professional and personalised local and international moving services of unrivalled quality, expertly designed and managed to ensure a seamless experience—home moves and business relocation.

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