Rise of business travellers

Santa Fe’s 2019 Global Mobility Survey looks at the rise of business travel, and how those shifts in scenarios have changed the nature of how companies move their people across borders.The increasing numbers of frequent business travellers gives rise to immigration and tax risks. Changes in technology, cheap air travel, and the comparative low number of countries ‘opening up’ to foreign investment as reasons for a shift in the nature of mobility.

Many more organisations use extended business travel or commuter assignments as a replacement for more traditional assignments. Relatively open borders can mean that this is not usually as well tracked as assignment models are, and this can create compliance risks at an organisational level.

Where business travellers are not assignees, there remain a significant number of organisations where unclear processes run the risk of evading compliance; examples include where a business believes Global Mobility is tracking business travellers but hasn’t informed Global Mobility that it should be doing this, nor provided an appropriate budget.

So, whether it’s business visa Immigration compliance, temporary accommodation booking, cost estimates or compensation reporting, Santa Fe’s relocation services can assist you in managing your business travel risk and compliance, anywhere in the world.

We recommend that you stay up to speed on trends and information through our webinarswhite papers, surveys and eventsFind more in the Mobility Insights section of our website, www.santaferelo.com or read more from the below articles:

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