Santa Fe Relocation Global Mobility Survey 10th-anniversary edition

We are delighted to present this 10th-anniversary edition, highlighting key research findings from a decade of our annual multi-award winning Global Mobility Survey (GMS) reports. Between 2011-2020 a total of 10,226 Global Mobility professionals and 296 Business Leaders participated in our annual survey.

In this report we highlight the top ten Global Mobility trends across the decade, focussing on three themes: Transformation, Talent and Compliance.

Leadership has high expectations of Global Mobility to deliver a world class mobility programme, in the capacity of both strategic business partner and technical advisor, navigating highly complex technical issues. Over the past decade uncertainty and disruption have strongly influenced the evolution, and even the transformation, of workforce and mobility programmes. Thought leadership indicates that they will play a pivotal role in how the events of the next decade will unfold too.

For further information on how Santa Fe Relocation can help you shape your Mobility programmes, contact John Rason, Group Head of Consulting

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John Rason
Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation
Recognised as a thought leader and speaker on strategic international HR, talent management and Global Mobility and author of Santa Fe Relocation’s award winning annual Global Mobility Survey. John works with global organisations to transform their Global Mobility programs; focusing on aligning strategic objectives with operational delivery. John has been an FCIPD for 20 years and holds an MA in Managing Human Resources.
Selina Jones-May
Global Mobility, benefits & people projects
Applying the technical and advisory skills she acquired whilst working as a Big Four consultant, Selina subsequently moved in-house to lead functions and programmes across a diverse range of industry sectors. Selina is incredibly passionate about leading teams to create and deliver innovative solutions which enable companies to achieve their talent management and strategic business objectives.

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