We’re delighted to announce that our 2022 Global Mobility research series is underway. And we’d like you to take part!

This year, we’re doing things a little differently. As we emerge from the pandemic, our Global Mobility industry evolves and adapts to fresh challenges and opportunities. So, rather than produce one yearly report, we are conducting research into three critical topics that impact organisations, their people and the wider external stakeholders, such as government authorities, with an eye on organisations and their employee’s immigration and fiscal compliance obligations.

Cross-border remote working

Our first area for review is cross-border remote working which complements several research interviews we are conducting to uncover practical lessons. We welcome your contribution—your input will make the trends and insights we collect and share even more valuable.

Please click here [LINK] to start the short survey (2-5 mins estimate to complete).

Your details will be treated as confidential.

Thanks in advance for your attention and participation!

Santa Fe Relocation—helping Global Mobility to make informed decisions.

For any queries, please contact Group.Marketing@santaferelo.com

Download Global Mobility Survey 2021/22: Refine
Download 10th Anniversary Global Mobility Survey Report
For further information, please contact our Group Head of Consulting John.Rason@santaferelo.com




John Rason
Group Head of Consulting, Santa Fe Relocation
Recognised as a thought leader and speaker on strategic international HR, talent management and GM, John has 15 years of global consultancy experience. Having previously held senior HR leadership roles in numerous global businesses across a range of industry sectors, John now works with global organisations to create value and improve the structure of GM programmes; focusing on aligning strategic objectives with operational delivery.
Julia Palmer
Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Relocation, Santa Fe Relocation
A respected mobility advisor globally, Julia has 20 years’ Big 4 experience working with clients across all regions and industries to develop their GM strategy and supporting framework. She has forged her expertise by transforming the mobility programmes of a wide range of organisations, from
multinational conglomerates to brand new start-ups seeking to globalise; consistently enabling these clients to form closer links between the talent and mobility agenda, with the use of data and insights.
Selina Jones-May
Global Specialist HR Leader, External Advisor, Freelance Consultant, Jones-May Consulting
Embarking on her journey as a Big 4 expat tax consultant, Selina undertook several client secondments which ignited her passion for GM and her desire to move in-house. During the tenure of her most recent in-house position as Group Director she progressed through a variety of hybrid senior HR leadership roles, including global ownership for Mobility, Benefits, Expatriate Compliance and Strategic HR projects. Selina is currently self-employed as a Freelance Consultant and has also been appointed as an External Advisor to a leading management consulting firm.
Dinesh Jangra
Head of Global Mobility Services, EMEA Leader - Global Mobility Services at Crowe
Dinesh has more than 19 years of experience in providing cross-border technical advice and assistance in the deployment of talent by all sizes of global organisations. He has led and developed Global Mobility compliance and advisory programmes for some of the world’s leading organisations, specialising in the delivery of multi-country and multidisciplinary programmes. He enables clients to plan and proactively manage their overall people-related costs and risks whilst avoiding the pitfalls of non-compliance.

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