Key drivers for international assignments

Relocating for an international assignment is often one of the most significant career events that can happen to someone. Moving from the country where you and your family are familiar, to somewhere you may never have even seen before can be exciting, but also daunting in some respects.

The reasons for going can vary. Sometimes these are employee-driven, sometimes they are business-driven.

Employee reasons are typically developmental – the chance to progress your career through taking on responsibilities that may not be available to you at home, or earlier than you may otherwise be able to do so.

Business reasons include growth-orientated aspects such as delivering projects or business expansion. There can also be operational reasons such as delivering skill sets needed that can’t be obtained locally or having oversight of the host country operation. There can also be times of change or transformation, where additional expertise is required to complete a change or integration.

Whatever the reasons for taking an assignment, a large number of stressful life events go with it, including a new job, finding a new home, spouses having to consider career upheaval, children moving schools. At Santa Fe Relocation, we believe a well-supported assignee will be better able to deliver more effectively, and sooner. Our services are there can ensure that the transition time taken to thrive in that new country is minimised.

Download and read the full report: 2019 Global Mobility Survey ‘REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass’



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