Watch the recording from our webinar—broadcast on Tuesday 23rd of March

Learn more about mobility programme cost optimisation—As the world starts to prepare for a sustained recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, global and multi-national organisations will be actioning their growth goals into 2021 and beyond. Irrespective of organisational fortunes, it is evident that the future will require global mobility programmes to be digitally leveraged with systems and processes enabling fuller transparency on the cost and value of investment in international work arrangements.

Hosted by John Rason Group Head of Consulting, Santa Fe Relocation, joined by:

Julia Palmer Chief Operating Officer Relocation, Santa Fe Relocation
Dinesh Jangra Head of Global Mobility Services, EMEA Leader, Crowe
Selina Jones-May Global HR Leader, Global Mobility, Benefits & People Projects

+ Why is optimisation of Global Mobility programmes critical?
+ The four pillars of cost optimisation opportunities Investment or cost?
+ Looking at the whole picture and not the pieces
+ What can possibly go wrong?
+  Case study: a real-life example of the impact of a poorly managed international work arrangement  


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