Our Global Mobility Survey (GMS) reports

For the past ten years Santa Fe Relocation has produced a research report, the Global Mobility Survey with Savanta, an independent B2B research company.

The research aims to support HR/Global Mobility teams to have more strategic conversations with leadership and to benchmark and review current Global Mobility programmes, to help drive policy.

Our GMS report has won nine Global Mobility awards in the last five years.

  • 2022/23 GMS series — Reshaping Global Mobility part three

    This report Sustainable mobility — measure, collaborate and educate, reports on progress made by Global Mobility (GM) teams looking to balance the need to mobilise talent on a cross-border basis with becoming more sustainable and aligned with their organisation’s broader ESG principles.

  • 2022/23 GMS series — Reshaping Global Mobility part two

    This report is based on interviews between December 2021 and September 2022, with GM and senior talent leaders who shared their insights. It builds on part one and focuses on Talent: virtual, hybrid and in-person — what really works?

  • 2022/23 GMS series — Reshaping Global Mobility part one

    This report demonstrates the need to reflect on changes such as cross-border remote working and work from anywhere. New insights from key organisations about these topics are addressed.

  • 2021/22 GMS report — REDEFINE: An extraordinary time

    Discusses how, in the post-pandemic world, change can lead to new possibilities and talent can transform the industry. It addresses strategic workforce planning and the changing international work arrangements.

  • 10th-anniversary GMS edition — A decade of Global Mobility

    Reviews the key themes from the previous ten years of global mobility Reports. This includes an increased diversity of policies and changes in assignments throughout the industry, the growth of remote and hybrid working, and the integration of DE&I into the workplace.

  • 2020/21 GMS report — REPURPOSE: Challenging change

    Looks at the transformation of the workplace in regard to global mobility, how global mobility team roles have evolved over time, and the importance of duty of care towards the international workforce.

  • 2019 GMS report — REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass

    Assesses how international mobility can facilitate the development of future leaders, and employees increasingly taking control of their own careers. Explores future global mobility trends, and how can the value of this global mobility can be demonstrated to leadership.

  • 2018 GMS report — REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty

    Evaluates predicted future trends for global mobility. Discusses how to balance compliance and growth, reactions to new global mobility changes, and how to transform an organisation through enhanced talent management.

  • 2017 GMS report — Embedding business strategy in Global Mobility

    Reviews topics including main focal points around organisation drivers for relocation, trends in mobility assignments, and the increase in technology investment to track return on investment.

  • 2016 GMS | Embedding GM at the heart of business strategy

    Identifies the upward trend of global mobility deployments. The importance and difficulty of Global Mobility teams demonstrating value to the wider organisation, and how strategic workforce planning factors into global mobility’s contribution.

  • 2015 GMS | Responsive in a world of heightened risk

    Discusses how global mobility teams have been stretched to their limit, the major risks faced by the industry, duty of care to the international workforce, and how to demonstrate a return on investment from international workforce assignments.

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